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How do I build a robotic/internet controlled home care system? Answered

I have an elderly relative who is very independent, but needs some help with medications. It appears that her current trouble with them is only temporary, and seems to be limited to medications, although we're not sure. I have access to a good number of old computer monitors and a fair number of old computers, and I was wondering if it would be possible to arrange a setup where a recording, audio and visual, of a relative would remind her to take which meds when. It would also be great to be able to remotely program it, etc. through the internet, and maybe chat with her as well. She doesn't have a computer, and is not very tech-savvy, so it would have to be simple. Any help is much appreciated. thanks!!!



Best Answer 9 years ago

sounds like a good project for an iobridge.

go to http://iobridge.com

This is a device htat is connected to the internet and provides for an easy way to make things happen over the internet


9 years ago

. Many alarm programs have multiple alarms that allow you to select a file to play when each alarm goes off. I use ClocX. You could have it play an audio or video file that says "Take med A" at 9:00 AM and another "Take med B" at 1:00 PM. Not sure how you would change the settings over the 'Net, but something like Remote Desktop might work.
. Video chat should work well (with audio would be even better), but she may have a difficult time starting the program if she is computer illiterate.