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How do I build a vertical barrel strawberry garden? Answered

 I want to build a vertical strawberry garden using a plastic 55 gallon barrel.  How do I cut and shape the little oval holes in the side of the barrel?  I see these in photos but don't know how to get them to retain the shape.



I'm guessing you want to make a huge strawberry pot, but from what I've read, heard, and experienced, those pots aren't super great for growing strawberries.  They tend to lose water quickly.  The plants get uneven light due to shading from the pot itself.  The plants can't really send off runners.  Stuff like that.  Strawberries are best in the ground and mulched with straw to keep the berries from rotting.  The plants will fill in a space quickly if you're in the right climate, and you'll get lots of fruit.

The only plants that I've seen do really well in a strawberry pot are succulents.

tank cutter would probably do the job well. Though a 55 gal barrel is going to hold a LOT of strawberries. A piece of 15" drainage pipe might be better; you won't need as much soil to fill it and you'll get a similar area of strawberries.

Another few ideas....

- They don't have to be oval
- You could cut a horizontal slit, then heat the bit above the slit and bend it back inwards and heat up the bit below and bend it outwards. This would stop soil falling out nicely.

Or a regular garden-variety hole saw or even a jig saw. Back the holes with a chunk of peat moss to keep the soil from falling out. Once the plants establish, the roots will hold the soil together around the holes.

And +1 on the drainage pipe idea.

Try a hot air gun to bend the plastic - be careful hot plastic is sticky...