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How do I build an underground room? Answered

OK, I have had this in my head for some time.  How do I build an underground room about 10'x10'?  The area I would like to build it in is in the back woods, no houses or roads for about a mile, I hit water when I dig 15" down and there are power lines in the area.  Another question is do I have to have a special permit or something to do this on when its my land?  And what about a tunnel leading to other rooms?  Any advise will help.



Best Answer 8 years ago

I've designed several underground homes.  Read this and see if it answers your questions.

I'm not even going to bother with the usual warnings.

What would be some problems I would run into and do I have to have a permit?

So you didn't actually read the link, did you? Try that first, then come back and ask questions (and may sure you can document that your question was not answered already).

And what did you learn from reading it? Both of your previous questions were answered.

First, if you're going to dig, Call 811 (it's the Law), that way, you dont dig into a Power line, or a gas main, or your Septic Tank. It's only Common Sense.

2ndly, Every idiot and his Grandmother will tell you to get permits, and rent excavation equipment, but this method is Counter-Productive if you want the Underground Room to be SECRETIVE.

I recommend books and info on TUNNELING and MINE SHAFTS.

If you want to build it so it doesn't leak... and so it is easy to build... and so you don't make the most common mistakes... THEN you should buy the book written by Mike Oehler... titled... "The $50 & up Underground House Book." He shows a very creative way to build it into the side of a hill.. to make rain-water drain away from it, and to make it so the hillside will not collapse on it. It is for sale on ebay for about 25 bucks.


Does the $50 include the $25 you spent on the book?

Oehler's book is very interesting. He also has a video series illustrating the ideas.

I've seen where people have buried ocean going cargo containers... YMMV

Am I wrong, or is your next question going to be:
Where can I get a white-cat?
Does anyone know of volcanic-islands for sale?
How can I make a death-ray?


I already have the death ray thing down.

That's a wee-bit disappointing fo me.



8 years ago

the easiest way is to dig a hole a bit bigger than the finished room, build your structure inside the hole and then fill it in. Tunnels would be done the same way. Do you need a permit ? probably, most definately if you tell anyone. Pitfalls/problems range from inadequte ventilation to water intrusion, cave ins and in some cases vehicles falling in ( I found a subteranean fort this way while out 4wheeling once) any of which could result in your untimely demise or severe injury

The same as an above ground room, only hold the plans upside down.

You just passed the builder's licensing test!