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How do I build my own solar pathway light from scratch? Answered

Hi There,

I have just recently joined the site. I would love to make some sun jars as gifts. However most of the solar path lights are quite expensive here in South Africa and I might just as well just buy a sun jar rather than do it DIY ...

Is there anyone who could point me to an instructable that shows you how to build the solar unit yourself (in short I want to build it from scratch) ... please bear in mind that I have two left thumbs, so the instructions would have to be quite clear.

Thanks in advance to anyone who would be able to assist.


Take note mine will NOT be sun jars. But they are still solar lights!

If you are looking for solar lights from "scratch", I will be posting a ible on how to make solar path lights/string lights. BUT they WILL NOT be *compleatly* from "scratch."

To re-iterate, look on the right hand side of this page under where you appear, click 'em.


Since you're new here, you probably haven't noticed the col. on the right labeled "related".  Look there and you'll find many instructables that are related to your question. 

The Inst. robot automatically does that every time a question is asked.  Some times he/she/it/they miss by a mile but lots of time exactly what you are looking for is there.