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How do I burn DVDs onto Itunes? Answered

Ive asked everybody I know and still haven't got any real answers. 
So, How do i burn DVDs onto Itunes?



Best Answer 7 years ago

You'll need Handbrake.  It can rip a video from DVD, or convert it from almost any other format.  It even has pre-set settings specifically for iTunes and iPods/iPhones.  I use it all the time to rip my kids' DVDs to play back on my PS3.  And best of all, Handbrake is free!

I'd second that. Give jeff-o the answer!

just insert the DVD into your computer. then download to computer .then open iTunes and the file you just downloaded and drag the file into the videos section on iTunes. may take a long time though

I assume you mean how to transfer DVDs from the disc to iTunes in order to put them on an iPod or other mobile device. First you'll need to (possibly decode) rip the actual DVD to your computer, combine them back into one video file, and then convert that to an appropriate format (.mp4 for an ipod). Decrypting a DVD is actually illegal.

For a little more in-depth answer, check out this article on wired that even suggests some software for you to do so. There is also a good instructable here thanks to member LasVegas.