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How do I bypass a card-reader type security system? Answered

I'm trying to find a way to bypass the security system in my building, a simple card-reader setup. Really more a prank than not.  My boss has been watching my card and logging the times it's accessed, I want to show him that he can't trust the card.  Nothing nefarious, just proof that I can be around and not have to access my card.  If it helps, the security company is Datawatch.


You do realize that now you're going to be at the top of the list of likely suspects when things start disappearing or there appears to have been a break in.  One of your buddies might even use your prank to frame you for the deed he did.

What orcsecurity said! 

Now one way to do it is have a fellow employee go with you everywhere you need to go.  Have them use there card to open the doors and you go in behind them.  Simple yet effective and really your not bypassing the system, your exploiting a breach.  And one that your employer may fix, by having you no longer employed there.

Note that tampering with the security system may be a firing offense. Do you _really_ want to risk that?

Open the door with the card and wedge a penny or other change in the "latch" part of the lock to hold it open.
Its less obvious than tape

i would suggest that you tape down the locks