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How do I capture energy/ power/ electricity from Cold Fusion between Hydrogen and Palladium? Answered


I don't like to use the word "impossible", but I do not know how to build Tony Stark's Arc Reactor.

With the water in which the palladium "electrode" is immersed. Good luck with that.

With a perpetual motion machine.


5 years ago

Nobody I know of has reproduced  the experimental data,
Not even the Russians,
maybe you will !


1. IF we knew we would be doing it and solving the world's energy problem and making vast amounts of money.

2. It would be a common energy production system by now.

3. If it could be done easily at home then we would ALL be doing it.

4. Sometimes you just have to think a little and do some research.

None of the above says it will never be done so you just MIGHT be the one!

IF you can, then it would materialise as excess heat in the reactor water.....

Energy from most fusion reactions
comes mostly in the form of heat and fast neutrons, and the energy in those fast neutrons is readily converted to heat just by bouncing those neutrons off other material in the reactor. 

This process of slowing down the fast neutrons is often called "moderation", and the material that does it called, you guessed it, a "moderator".

Also be warned: those neutrons can "activate"; i.e. make radioactive
other materials in, and around, your reactor. So that's something to watch out for.

Anyway, regarding the question of how you get the reaction energy out, the answer is basically that this energy becomes available as heat
If you've got enough of it, you can use the usual trick of boiling water to steam to turn turbines.

Otherwise you can use it to maybe just heat water.  That might seem mundane, but hot water is actually very useful.  You can use it  for taking showers, washing clothes, and making hot beverages like tea and hot chocolate.