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How do I change my desktop without spending too much money? Answered

I found a nice desk that fits perfectly in the small space I have for it, yet it's big enough for my multiple monitors. The problem is that the veneer (a plasticky thin top) has a horrible color and it's also stained. So I want to change the desktop color (to white) by using some sort of contact or adhesive paper, but I went to Home Depot and Lowes, and they only have that thin kitchen contact paper, which is very prone to scratches.

Is there something I can use to put on top of my desktop to change the color, but resistant enough to use it without any protection. I don't want to spend too much money and I don't have the room to actually change the veneer. Any suggestions?


Thank you! I'd never heard of decoupage but it seems like my best option.

There are a multitude of ways to camouflage or skin your desk: 1. decoupage, scuff it up with sandpaper, cut out pictures from magazines and use a good contact cement. varnish all over it. 2. see if there are any wood panelling scraps or plywood scraps to fit over the top. 3. see if you can find a glass top and put pictures under it. 4. get some backerboard and spare tiles to create a tile mosaic over your desktop, joints will be rough though. 5. Get some melamine veneer to iron on or contact glue over everything. ask the home center to buy excess pieces and piece together. 6. get a sheet of luan thin plywood or masonite/hardboard. cut to size and varnish/polyurethane/paint. Even use a layer of box cardboard if you want a sacrificial workbench type surface. 7. just get a cloth to cover it. picnic or linen tablecloth. lots of way to skin on a new durable surface. Good luck.