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How do I change the color of my earbud cord or create a detachable cord cover? ? Answered

I just got 3 new skullcandy earbuds really cheap at Marshalls.  The white really stands out when I want my cord to blend with my dark clothes. I want to find a way to change the cord color from white to black that won't rub off on my clothes and will stay.  I would be willing to paint but would consider other ways to cover the white cord .  Any ideas on how I could change  the color with permanently?   What type of paint  is best to permanently change the color of my white earbud cord to black? Could I sew a  protective cover ?  I read the instructable about using a sharpie but want the color to not rub off.  I tried black nail poilish which seems to chip off.    Please help if you have ideas!


1) Black Plasti-dip, just make sure not to get it in the buds or on the metal part of the plug. You might lose a little flexibility if it goes on too thick.

2) You could try soaking the cord in black fabric dye. Sometimes the plastic will take dye if you soak it long enough. As long as you keep the buds out of the dye, it won't damage anything even if it doesn't work.

3) Electrical tape. Cut into very thin long strips and wind in a spiral around the cord. Use more than one color for fashionable designs.

4) Floral Spray paint - works on vinyl shoes, should work on an earbud cord. Do not use regular spray paint or Krylon Fusion on flexible plastics unless you like sticky, gummy plastic.

Haven't tried it, but go to any store you find wire, with your headphones with you, looking at the cut wire end get an idea of the inner wire diameter, this will be replaced with your headphone cable inside. Buy a length in the color you choose, and pull out all the wire inside. This is as far as I can bring you, but I imagine cutting the wire, snake it inside the new color coating, and then apply your quick disconnect. START WITH A CHEAP HEADPHONE SET AS A PROTOTYPE, NOT YOUR GOOD STUDIO PHONES FIRST, don't blame me if its no dice and all wrecked!

Vinyl dye, available at some hardware stores and, more likely, automotive paint shops.

Be forewarned, I've seen some of the smallest cans anywhere from $3 to $100, depending on brand and where you get it.

 You could use some 'heat shrink-tubing'. The kind for covering bare wires in projects. Though it would have to be just big enough to fit over the jack and still be snug to the existing cord once it's shrunken.

You  could pick some up at Radio Shack but they get kind of pricey for a short piece of tube, so maybe check some online stores for tube that can fit however long your cable is.