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How do I change the spark plugs on a 2009 Honda Civic? Answered

I really appreciate the instrucables on basic car maintenance.  I'd like to save myself some cash by NOT shelling out $70 at the dealership for an oil change.  Those of you with the knowledge,  please keep sharing!



Best Answer 8 years ago

Spark plugs on new cars aren't changed for something like 100,000 miles-are they trying to stick you for muffler bearing re-packing or blinker fluid as well?

Not all cars are shipped with 100K sparkplugs yet.

No?  The computers compensate for spark wear for a lot longer than a year-and even the older cars that I worked with had plugs that would last longer than a year after gapping them unless something was seriously wrong (something that would be covered under a new car warranty UNLESS someone was trying to cheat you).

Just cause they're running don't mean they're running well.  I don't see a problem with changing the plugs a little early.  Non platinum plugs do wear down and just because you can regap them doesn't mean they aren't worn.

My PTCrusier manual suggests changing plugs 35k, 65k or 100k miles depending on the type of plug used.  I'd rather follow my manual.

Good idea.  But not many people manage to put 35K on their car in a year.

What's a year have to do with anything.

Service on a one year old (2009) car.

Ah, the original senario.  Still I put 20k on a year and I spend all day in the office.  One of my builder customers buys a new PU every year cause he drives 100k on an average year.

Find yourself a Haynes manual, they've been producing these for years for exactly this sort of thing. Although demand is low until they're a few years old, so you won't find one specifically for 2009 yet.
(Do consider that not having a full service history with your log-book stamped by the dealer will adversely affect the resale price should you wish to sell it in good condition)


Does keeping the receipts for the plugs/fluids/etc. help mitigate the resale dip for doing it myself??

No. "Full service history" means you've paid for "approved" persons to meddle with the machine. You can read into it what you will (I spent 2 weeks in a Land/RangeRover dealership - full of 'kin cowboys....) but it's a "badge" which has some value.


no warranty??? if you touch it, the warranty goes byebye.

remove plastic cover with a screwdriver. then remove all connectors (plastic locking) and coils (bolts). than unscrew the plug with sparkplug wrench, extention and momentum wrench i belive it is called. than spray a bit of wd40 on threads and screw new plugs back in. than connect wires in same order. try NOT to mix connectors and coils or damage the thread = big headaches.
if my memory is ok, you screw them with 20Nm (?)

You don't loose the warranty by doing your own oil changes and spark plug replacements, or by having a garage doing them.  The dealer/mfg can't require that they are done my them.

OK, thank you!  And thanks to everyone who replied.  I appreciate it!

Yikes!  The warranty!  Good call.  I know it's still under warranty.  The dealership did say I can change the fluids without voiding it, but I'll check about the plugs.


8 years ago

You can search car forums and blogs because they have DIY guides on how to change spark plugs on certain car makes and models.

If it has aluminum heads YOU MUST USE ANTISIEZE compound on the threads going back in.