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How do I check the voltage to the electric starter of my scooter? Answered

It is a 49cc 2-stroke chinese scooter I got for christmas. The electric start won't work, and I'm wondering how to check the voltage to the starter, or the solenoid. Oh, and when I have the keys in and its switched on, and I press the starter button, it only clicks.


get a car incandescent lamp (up to 40 W) with 2 wires (preferred not halogen) if your battery is 6 - 12 V then 12 V lamp is ok if your battery is 18 - 24 V get a 24 V lamp (for truck) or connect 2 identical 12 V lamps in series connect lamp directly to battery + and - lamp lights very dim (only red in the wire and no usefull light) or does not at all - battery is bad or not charged lamp lights at part brightness (if battery volt is lower than what lamp needs) or at full brightness (if battery volt is what lamp needs) - lets continue now with the lamp still connected try to start the scooter lamp dims and lights back if you stop the starter - mechanical problem inside the starter motor (bad brushes) or in the mechanics after the motor lamp dies and recovers slowly from the shock or does not recover at all - battery is bad lamp remains at same brightness - the starter motor does not get power or is disconnected inside if you still did not find the problem connect the lamp to the motor and try to start

Find the battery - it's probably 6V, see whether that'll power something 6V-ish.
Is the 'click' a very weedy switch type of click, or more of a 'something mechanical' click?
You'd have to take the thing apart to some extent in order to check the electrics. Does it have a pull start or is it electric-only?