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How do I clean my Aluminum Oxide bit for my Dremel? It has a coating of metal on the side.? Answered

I was probably using my dremel wrong, but my 932 bit has a coating of metal on it after I used it to enlarge a hole. (I ground using the side of the bit). How do I remove this coating of metal?


I may not be reading in to this enough, but it sounds like you used a soft metal on a bit that is meant for a harder material. You may be able to re-dress your bit by using an aluminium oxide dressing tool (like the square block, or maybe with a wheel dressing tool like the red one in the picture. http://www.micro-machine-shop.com/grinding_wheel_dressers.jpg . Or possible this is all overkill and it's just better to buy a new bit and if you need to grind a soft material, buy the appropriate bit.

I would think your best bet for enlarging a hole (besides re-drilling it) would be a carbide burr. We use them at work (although it's in a 1/4" die grinder) and regularly use them on aluminium and steel. Another ideas may be to try those small sanding drums they have. Hope this helps in leading you to a solution.

For the cost of these tools - Buy a new one.

They are hardly worth the effort to reclaim them.

Although using a power tool seems like the easy choice often softer materials are better handled with hand tools such as files which can easily be cleaned.

I deleted my comment about etching, I assumed you'd used a toothed cutter too fast.

Grinding is only suitable for hard materials - or the wheel clogs...

On soft materials, you need a cutter with real teeth, usually called a "burr"
This range is suitable

KEEP THE SPEED DOWN, and ideally lubricate the process slightly, using mineral spirit and a bit of lubricating oil.


5 years ago

Use the dressing stone that comes with most Dremel kits. Its a black, square carborundum stone about 1/2" square and an inch or so long.
Chuck the grindstone in your tool, turn it on and hold the dressing stone against the grindstone. It abrades away a little of the grindstone until the metal clogging the stone is removed.
In the future, use one of the steel cutting bits for shaping soft metal.