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How do I clean the Poly Carbonate Holes? Answered

We have our car shed roof made from double walled polycarbonate sheets, the problem is that the fabricator at the time of fixing it to the frame forgot to put tape on the holes to avoid dirt getting in. and that time I didn't knew about it, but recently I read this and the dirt has seeped in the holes which are about 7mm square in area. I googled it with various queries but to no avail, Now please help me by giving me some direction and steps to clean it.

The dirt is fine sand and some mud which seeped in with rain. 

I do not want to cut replace or open the sheets just clean them.

it has seeped in upto 1.5 feet (roughly half a meter).

See the following images, the dirt is just dark areas the rest is just on surface.


Bottle brush

Pressure washer

Bleach if there is mould

That worked out simply enough cause it was simple, I pressurised the cells with a bicycle pump.

Thanks everyone for suggesting!

Can you GET to the ends of the cells ?

Yes, I can get to the ends of the cells easily enough, I can put some straw in it as well, I tried that and the same with cloth as well and both combined but these techniques are ineffective,

I don't wan't to put the dirt more in making it unreachable, that's why I stopped trying and am asking you people for help.

I would put a pipe up and spray water from above the mess, and let it wash the mess out.

That worked out simply enough, cause it was simple, I persurised the cells with a bicycle pump.

Thanks every one for suggesting

Maybe you should be contacting the person that installed this incorrectly. It is his fault.


4 years ago

I'll be trying it this weekend and let's see what workouts to be the best method.

Try a Karcher type pressure washer machine if you have one.


4 years ago

Something I would try, If it will wash out, is to: Get some flexible clear tubing like that used in windshield sprayer feed tubes. It should be available at any hardware store. Get a long length that is a little smaller than the dimension of the cell. Then get one of those drill powered water pumps. They are pretty cheap and don't move huge amounts of fluid which should work for this. Mix up some cleaning fluid with household cleaners, drop the suction end in the bucket and push the other end up into the cell. Turn on the drill using variable speed to control the flow. You might have to follow up with a bottle brush attached to a dowel and then a rinse but it should get it clean unless its a stain like rust. Then you might have to use some harsher cleaners like rust remover. As long as it will drain out and not get to pressurized in the cell it should work. After the first few cells you will get a system going and it will not take that long to do.