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How do I clean the small tight places in travel coffee cups? Answered

I have a contigo sealing coffee cup. Since I use 1/2 milk in my coffee, this milk tends to thicken and get gross. I need something small as a cotton swab that bends to get into cleaning the sealing part that is vaccuum sealed with a flipping plastic part.


I use a tiny baby bottle brush to clean my hubby's coffee cups. They're like pipe cleaners, in that they are narrow and bristly and bendy to any shape... but the bristles are plastic instead if fuzzy/furry, and it can be put in the dishwasher. (I've bent the handle part of mine to hook into the holes in the silverware compartment.)

The one I have came with my Dr. Brown's bottles, you might be able to find replacement brushes online.


8 years ago

Fill cup with HOT water.  drop in one or two denture tabs.   allow to fizz for five minutes, dump, rinse and use.  

use denture cleaner tablets


8 years ago

Pipe cleaner or water pick

any vessel with a tight-fitting lid (or if you can use some cling-film) can be cleaned by using salt or rice or something small and abrasive filled no more than 25% with warm/hot water and shaken around for a few seconds. Really ingrimed dirt might take another shake. This is a super effective way to clean tall vases/glasses that cleaning tools cannot reach. I use this tip regularly to clean my wine decanter.

If you get cotton swabs with paper/cardboard shafts instead of plastic, you can just bend them. :)

A toothpick can be good for the really eensy-beensy-teensy little places, (I sometimes break off the smoothly pointed end to get some frayed fibers that are kind of like a brush). I also sometimes clean stuff with rubbing alcohol (making sure this is safe for any plastic parts first), on the theory that any last little bits that I miss will at least be thoroughly dead last little bits.

Soak in hot water with white vinegar...scrub that important places with a tooth brush and then just wash normally. bi-yearly exercise for mine, just to get the icks out of corners. And mine is no special thing except it holds a bucket o' coffee (1/2 pot).