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How do I conect two computers together so that I can transfer information from one to the other.? Answered


I favour removing a hard-drive and plugging it into the other machine if you have a one-off large data transfer to do. For occasional smaller transfers USB stick. L

I second this. Physically removing one hard drive and placing it in the other machine is an easy, fool-proof method (and less wiring). Ditto with USB sticks (which I've seen on sale. 8gig for around $20CAD.)

Wirelessly using an "ad hoc network", by configuring the two computers to recognize each other. If you're on Windows or a Macintosh, read the appropriate "Help" documenation for "ad hoc network" or "computer-to-computer network."


9 years ago

an ethernet cross over cable a usb drive (depending on size) or a router with multiple ethernet ports to transfer data...