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How do I connect a GU10 12v LED bulb to an AC/DC 12 v power supply I have from my old digital camera? Answered

How do I connect a GU10 12v LED bulb to an AC/DC 12 v power supply I have from my old scanner? I want to make a lamp out of this. Thank you!!!    The parts photos are uploaded, but if not visible are also at these links:

The power supply looks like this: http://www.ebay.com/itm/NEW-12v-6A-5A-3A-2A-1A-72w-60w-36w-24w-AC-DC-Power-Supply-Cord-Adapter-Charger-/361201652683?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&var=&hash=item54194bd3cb

and the led looks like this:http://www.eachmall.com/goods-29331-29331.html


Wire both wires to both terminals on the LED.

I have only middle school level electronics knowledge. So, am I correct that I should cut off the plug that would have gone into the scanner, strip the two inside wires and connect one to each terminal of the bulb? Also, is this bulb safe? Other posts seem to think it may be "crap" designing. How do I know if the bulb is safe? Thanks!

Oh the bulb will be fine, don't worry, its a technical argument, not a safety argument.

Yes, cut the plug off, strip the wires, connect to pins.


3 years ago

Connect positive to positive, and negative to negative.

It doesn't usually matter - these things run on 12V AC, if they are drop in replacements for 12 V halogen

Ahh, good point! Well if it is a cheaply design LED bulb, with many smaller emitters in it, is it possible they are driving them in a really crap way, where it either only draws power and is forward biased during one half of the AC cycle? That may matter. It may also be a back-to-back LEDs, so half of them light up on the positive half, and the other on the negative half. I do not know for sure on these lamps though.

You can make an argument for either way round - but, if you think about it, the CHEAPEST method is to put them back to back....so which will they default to.....