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How do I connect a microphone to a 1/4 inch plug? Answered

I'm making a ukulele and I want a mic to amplify it but I need help, I don't know where to attach to attach the wires from the mic to the 1/4 inch jack. I think the white wire in the second picture is positive but I'm not sure.  I would really appreciate any help. (:


You need to do a little more than just hook up the wires to a plug. The type of microphone you show in picture #2 is an electret microphone. This type needs a small "battery" voltage to work. Here's the Wikipedia page for you. Notice on the right of the page is a small schematic showing a capacitor and resistor on the top (positive or "tip") wire. On the mic you have, that is the white wire. The copper "braid" is the ground wire (-). Go to epanorama.net and scroll down just a little to the part titled "Battery powered electret microphone". Use this diagram to wire up your mic.

Get a 9 volt battery snap, a SPST switch (whatever type you want for your Uke), a1/4 watt 2.2K ohm 5% resistor (bands are Red, Red, Red, Gold), and a 10uF 16V electrolytic capacitor. The picture at Epanorama shows how to hook up everything except the switch. That goes in between the red wire from the battery snap and the resistor. Get that all hooked up and then attach the negative terminal of the capacitor to the "tip" connection of the jack and the braid/black wire of the battery snap to the "sleeve" connection of the jack. Now, when you want to use the mic, just flip the switch and your Uke will sing through your amp.