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How do I connect a twisted copper lead to a carbon brush motor? Can it be soldered? Answered

The tiny wire connected to the carbon brush on my palm sander broke off right at the carbon brush. Is this solder-able? The 3/8" bit of wire is connected to a blade connector on one end and used to be connected to a small depression on the side of the brush. Thanks for any advice.


Maybe this is solder-able?  Solder sticks well to to copper, brass, and sometimes other shiny metal.  It won't bond directly to the carbon/graphite brush, so I'm hoping that there's still a little "nub" of metal sticking out of that part.  

A nice thing about the carbon/graphite brush itself is that heat won't damage or melt it.  You can heat it up as much as you want in your soldering attempt. 

That's the problem: there is no nub left that I can see, just a slight depression.

If there's no metal left in the brush, then there's nothing to solder to, and soldering won't work. 

I don't know.  Maybe there's a way to load the thing back into its housing so everything is touching and held in place with just spring-forces?

Otherwise it may be time for a new brush.