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How do I connect an apple "Mini DVI To Video Adapter" to a TV Answered

I just bought an Apple "Mini DVI To Video Adapter" from micro center and my TV doesnt seem to read it at all? So far I have done this.

1 Opened Mini DVI adapter carefully without breaking it
2 Plugged into my macbooks mini DVI port
3 Plugged a standard S video cable from my macbook to my TV
4 Opened up the correct video output on my tv
5 Got no signal on the correct input : (
6 Jiggled the adapter around and my macbooks screen went blue for a second
7 nothing on the TV still
8 Got frustrated and posted a forum thread about it

What am I doing wrong can someone please help me!
And yes I am using a Macbook and this Adapter


Just talked to Apple - same issue on new mini running 10.6.2. an iMac running 10.5.8 with the same equipment works fine. Apple wants to see it tomorrow.  Keep ya posted.

Haha it turns out I had a bad cable all along *FACEPALM*

Make sure that your selecting the right input on the TV. The fact that the mac is going blue means that the other screen is getting detected. So check your TV instructions. If you still have no luck, bear in mind that not all TV's are guaranteed to work with the display adapter.

try system preferences, display, and then click on detect displays