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How do I connect my gaming headphone w/ mic that has 3 wires to a new jack that has 4 wires? Answered

I have an older Turtle Beach headset I use for Xbox, but the jack that plugs into the controller is worn or just a tad too small, and does not keep a good connection.  So I cut the jack off of an older headset that was broken so I could splice them together.  But the jack end has four wires, a red enameled and a blue enameled, a white rubber coated copper, and a bare copper.  The headset has the same, minus the white rubber coated copper.  How do I connect these?


Your old headset hopefully had 1 channel headphone, and 1 microphone, and ground...

the plug you are splicing has 2 channels of headphone (left and right), microphone, and ground.

Ground is probably the big bare copper.
The others are anybodys guess - I would recommend trying one wire at a time while sound is supposed to be playing and quickly tapping them together (enamel removed) to see if you hear anything - then try the microphone wire.


8 years ago

Its probably not going to work. Not because they can't be wired together but because the physical dimensions of the rings on a 4 wire plug are different than the dimensions of the 3 wire plug rings. Put a 4 ring plug in a 3 ring jack (the male component is called a plug, the female portion is called a jack) and electrical contacts will either not be made in the right places or the jack will contact two rings.
Either find yourself another three ring plug or buy a new one. You can get new 3.5mm mini plugs at Radio Shack for a couple of dollars.

Looking at the plugs, they are identical.  If by rings, you mean the separations made by the little black rings, (there are 2 of those, so there are 3 sections of metal), then they are both the same. 

i also think it's not going to work. connect like to like, leave white and test. you won't burn nothing. from experience i know the sound in/ out will be terrible even if you solder. i suggest you buy right plug

white is for speaker so probably you should leave ground which is bare copper from headset (?). test and combine

Connect like to like and leave the white one alone. See how that works.