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How do I construct a Pneumatic Cylinder? Answered

I would like to know if anyone has made a Pneumatic cylinder out of an old Coleman Lantern green gas tank. Or What about making out of PVC? I'm making a halloween prop that it using a door closure as a piston. It needs about 60 to 70 pounds of pressure per use and will be fired about 10 times. It uses up about 5 pds of pressure on each firing. Any ideas on making a cheap regulator for this would be helpful too. The prop will be outside in the woods for a haunted trail. So having it self contained would be nice. I didn't want to run an air hose 150' to make it operate. Thanks.


me to i wanted to one but i realised pvc pipes are not perfecly rond inside so i buy a small linear aculator

The Coleman lantern tank won't take the pressure or hold enough air. You need a bigger tank like the portable air tanks made to fill up and carry to fill up tires etc. You need a real regulator not a diy one. If you're working with 90 lbs of pressure it needs to be safe. If something goes bad at 90 lbs. air pressure it would be like a small bomb going off. You can get them pretty cheaply at Home Depot in the air tools dept. And you can use them later in another project. Same thing goes for the cylinder. PVC is not strong enough to have any safety factor. Use real stuff here and try not to make the horror real with an accident.

What he said. You might have to rethink your "self-contained" requirement, too. A compressor large enough to power something like that will make a lot of noise, which will alert your victims to the prop's location.

You might be better off using one of those small pancake compressors. Just run it to fill, then unplug and haul it out to the location and disguise it... If you don't own one, you might be able to borrow one from a friend. As Re-design indicates, the coleman tank isn't an appropriate solution.