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How do I control a microcontroller and servo motors? Answered

My 15y/o son is building a robotic hand out of household materials.He intends to use servo motors and a microcontrller to pull the stings that operatethe fingers.He has already built the hand and is ready to mount the motors and microcontroller.We understand how to connect servos to microcontroller and to a power source.My question is how do we control the microcontroller?How do we tell it to move the servos?I thought the microcontroller was like a remote control but apparently i couldnt be more wrong.How do we tell the controller to move the servos???


Which microcontroller have you got then ?

The controller i have is a Pololu Micro serial Servo controller. SSC03A... Its PCB size is 0.91"x0.91", 8 servo ports, baud rate of 1200-38400(auto detect)...oulse range, 0.25-2.75ms, resolution 0.5 microsecond,I/O voltage is 0 and 5 V..... this is from pololu.com

.: Hi vmarco1971, i've a problem w/my pololu ssc03A, im using Visual basic 6, and i send
255 (first)
# servo (im using 180 grades, so, i send 8,9,10,11....)
and position... (10-250...trying to care of my servos) :.

.: My problem is, when i made the 'trial' the pulse has not the enought mm 'force' to move until the position, and i have a little bit of problems with the position....do u had this kind of problems? or u send the 3 number u need and it works perfectly?? :.

.: When i send the pulse, the yellow LED turns on/of quickly wich means is reciving and 'sending' the pulse, but, im not sure if it's ok.....because my servos never get until the position i want :.

With the Polulu card, I suspect you can't "program it", you can talk to it, over a serial cable and tell it where to go.

Unless you have a serial port on your computer, you'll need a USB-serial adaptor, and some connectors to make the link to the board you need. You''ll need a 9 pin D connector that mates with the serial adaptor.

well it doesn't need to be programmed.... where can i get a these cords and parts? is there like a plug inside thecomputer i can plug into?

There isn't a plug inside, you need to buy something for the outside, unless you have a connector like this on your PC ?


You need a USB to serial adapter like this:-


That's a UK site, but you should be able to find one whereever you are.

Then I'm afraid you need to do some wiring.

I am trying to think of something that has the right connections for what you need to do.


Assuming you have a connection to a PC from the microcontroller, from the PC. More than that, you'll have to add some other way of talking.


well the only problem is we don't know how to connect it to the computer.... there is a port for a cord but it was not included with the chip... if i get the cord, what kind of software or program am i goin to need to program it??