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How do I control multiple servos with the Boe-Bot?? Answered

How do I control multiple servos with my Boe-Bot?
I am currently making a robotic arm and I have 5 servos. So I decided to use my Board of education     rev d boe bot circuit to control them because I want to be able to program it. Would any one know a way to do it? I do know code for controlling the wheels on my boe bot which are servos but I dont know how to do that on the breadboard. I will continue to experiment but any answers would be appreciated.

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Best Answer 8 years ago

Not trying to send you away from this great site, but join the Parallax Forum.  The users there are very likely extremely knowledgeable using the equipment you are using and likely can  answer you question instantly.


8 years ago

 thank you  re-design. i am a member of parallax and found somewhat an answer but my question was hidden here!  Its the modify a servo for continuous rotation.  thanks!

I had never seen that particular brand of robotic materials. They look very interesting.  I've used some of their electronic kits before and they were always well designed.

That looks like it should work.

I may be wrong but I think that without any add-ons,  you can only control 2 servos.