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How do I control which picture is used as the 'cover' picture Answered

When you do a search for instructables each one in the list has a picture. How do I control which picture? Right now it's my last picture, but in other instructables it's the first picture. 


  • Go to the new editor
  • click Publish
  • this takes you to a page where you can change your main image to any image that is in your intro step

That work?

Hey Penolopy, I did this on my taco seasoning and it is not showing the picture I wanted displayed on instructables recent page. Thanks!

I wanted the pixlr picture I edited. I thought you had fixed it because it looks like that image is showing up. Thanks anyway though! Keep shining girl!


I think you did it :) It takes a little time, sometimes, for the update to take effect on the site.

Thanks! It took about 15min before the picture got updated but it worked.

Yeah, the site takes a bit of time to refresh. As long as it looks right on your profile page, the other pages will update and be right.