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How do I convert DC to AC? Answered

I want to get a car battery and use it to power an electric lawn mower that is usually powered by mains electricity.
1) is it possible?
2) how can I do this? I assumed I had to make a DC to AC converter, which is my main question, but yeah...

Alternatively, what would be a better, if any, power source rather than a car battery?

Any help, please, would be very much appreciated :)


There are AC to DC inverters out there, just buy one.

Converting DC to AC requires an inverter, which is basically a high-power 60-hertz oscillator. Inverters designed to work from automotive voltage are an off-the-shelf item; ask in your local car parts store, or an automotive catalog such as J. C. Whitney.

Be aware that that conversion has some inefficiencies. Switching to a 12VDC motor would give you longer operation before the battery's charge runs down, but of course is a more complicated project..

Personally, I suspect that hauling the battery around will cost you more effort than dragging a power cord. And I do wonder how much cutting time you'll get out of that car battery -- they aren't really designed to power a motor for long; normally they're used to run the starter motor but the alternator supplies power to the car's electronics (and recharges the battery) after that.

Replacing the motor would be a good idea. Otherwise it's going to be even uglier...