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How do I convert a video file to an audio file? Answered

I want to convert my music videos on my computer into files that I can listen to on my Ipod or put on a cd.



Best Answer 8 years ago

I use AUDACITY. Its FREE too. You can record WAV files with audacity. But if you want to record MP3's, the program requires you to download a SMALL patch file. For some LEGAL reason, they cant include this file in the AUDACITY download. It takes a few minutes to do, but i figured it out. so can you. When you record your audio, just set your INPUT source on audacity to "STEREO MIX"... this is located in the middle of the control panel. then open a 2nd window with your video to play in. Click the RECORD button on audacity... then go to your other window and click PLAY on your video. You can also set your audacity sound quality to 56kbits or other settings. I recorded almost 800 songs on ONE CD using a low bitrate. Lost a little bit of sound quality, but it is great having ONE cd with that many songs on it for long road trips.

I use "Any Video Converter". It works for converting just about everything!

Yeah, Audacity is a multifunctional program for editing and recording audio. I like this one too. Here I would like to say we can also use streaming recorders to save audio from video while we are playing music video on the websites. In this way, we are able to record audio and convert at the same time. Then what's your opinions, perhaps you need to try it by yourself.

You can record the audio with Audacity. Play, record, save as.


I've been using a bit of freeware called "DVDVideoSoft Free Studio". Seems to work fine. It will nag you occasionally with a suggestion that you stop being a cheapskate and send them a few bucks for the paid version, but it works just fine.

that program is awesome i use all the time especially to get nightcore songs from youtube.

If you don't mind a little legality issues, you can use a cracked version of AVS Media Converter. Once it's set up and cracked, you can convert pretty much any media file type into another.