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How do I cook chicken to be really soft? Answered

How do I make chicken really soft after cooking , like they do in chinese restaurants? It invariably becomes a bit hard.
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Indeed, Jessy, that is exactly what I was thinking about when I saw the title of this thread. Absolutely a must visit Instructable by Bajablue. :-)

For me, brining is the best way.

Brine is a mixture of ice cold water and salt, sometimes combined with other seasonings, used for soaking meats and vegetables. Brining chicken changes its protein's texture, allowing the meat to retain moisture during the baking process.

A 3 lb. chicken in an oven safe roasting bag, (the bag helps hold in moisture during baking), cooking at 325% for about an hour.

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Thanks for this information. I'll try doing it...

Brine (soak) the chicken fo about two hours then drain, and season place in baking bag

Do you mean where there is no grain to the meat and it feels/looks smooth when you cut it? That is achieved by brining.

I recommend marinade with herbs and peppers

slow cooking at a low temperature is one method of making sure chicken stays soft, or poaching in stock...

You could try my recipe - the chicken comes out very tender.


I think hainanese chicken is the dish your thinking of,served with rice.

Basicly cooking in water on low temp without boiling and until just cooked. You can add suger, salt, ginger to the stock. Turn off heat as soon as juices are white when poked and let it stand. Slice after cooling in fridge and serve with soy and shallots. It also helps to use chicken thighs as they tend to be juicer.


4 years ago

boil it

marinate with curd or yogurt, this makes the chicken really soft after cooking.


5 years ago

Depends on the cooking process and make it soft to eatable like to put it on toungue then it converts it in water. The total cooking process is depends on the cook and it is then convert it to softy.
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All the ideas below are great. But if just one thing goes wrong during the cooking process, no matter how little...no juicy chicken. Get yourself a Nuwave Oven. After you cook the chicken, say like 3 or 4 breasts in just 20 minutes and then you go to fork it.... literally juice comes flying out. Here's the link: Nu-wave Pro Digital Black Oven .

This counter top oven works together like a convectional oven and a microwave. The oven can dry this out, while the microwave and leave things soggy and floppy. The Nuwave doesn't let either of those things happen. Your meat or vegetables or whatever you are cooking is being cooked from the inside out and the outside in at the same time. Your food is evenly cooked without burning or loosing any juices. 

I love to bake. Cheesecakes are my thing. From start to finish 3.5 to 4 hours using an oven. In the Nuwave 45 minutes. Everything is done in that Nuwave in 1/4 to 1/2 the time it takes to cook in the oven. I even make custards in 10 minutes..45 to 1 hour in the oven. 

Follow the link, get yourself one...you will be wondering why you didn't have one before now: Nu-wave Pro Digital Black Oven .

Long winded, but that's my suggestion to juicy chicken all of the time!! :)


5 years ago

Slow cooker...buy a crockpot at any second hand store ad leave it in there on low for 8-10 hours

I forgot a chicken that was in a slow cooker once.....the meat was soft after that second day, but then, so were the bones LOL as soft as the meat was actually


5 years ago

If you want your chicken super soft and 'finger-licking', bake it in a glass bown (with a lid) and instead of adding chicken spice, drown it in a glass of oranje juice :)... i know, i frowned upon this as well until i've tried it.


5 years ago

Oldmicah mentioned using a thermometer and I agree. If you stop roasting poultry at the minimum safe internal temperature of 165 °F, it will be moist and tender. Home canning chicken was popular at one time because the process made the meat very tender.

The best chicken I ever turned out was cooked in a sous vide water bath at 165º. Some cooking juice normally comes of meat, but I put the sealed bags right into the fridge. Next day the juices were completely reabsorbed into the meat. It was like butter.

cook in in an oven bag to keep all the juices in

and leave it in the bag till you want to use it

You can pressure cook chicken till it is entirely liquified.
The simplest way to cook tender chicken, not mushy chicken is to poach it .
That has most of the benefits of brining

If I am grilling, I usually marinate it in some kind of lemon pepper or garlic and herb marinade for at least 30 minutes. Then the trick is to sear it real good for 4 minutes on each side, then lower the heat and finish cooking until it is done. The biggest cause of tough, dry chicken is over cooking it, no matter which cooking method you use.

Marinate? I know the store bought birds are tender because of the extra liquid from marination in the mix.

Also, use a meat thermometer. Over cooking often causes toughness.