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How do I copy a cassette tape to a compact disk? Answered

I have a cassette tape that I would like to copy to a cd's any ideas on how to do this?


Get a tape player .

get a headphone port with a 3.5mm jack on both ends.

Put your cassette tape into your player .

Plug one half of the jack in the player headphone port the other in the input jack of your pc .

Download audacity set the record for input .

Start recording and click play on your cassette.

Burn to cd

Just what I was going to say.  Can't be any easier than this.

True . you can buy usb connnecting devices now and they cost alot more ! its about £1 for a lead and then you can do it easy

My exact method except substitute phonograph for cassette.  For those youngun's out there, a phonograph plays the big black "cd's" with the small hole in the middle and the deep "scratch" that goes round and round.  They have music on them.

Haha im 13 and id rather have my Phonograph Than a cd player anyday! the musics a little harder to find and harder to keep but you cant beat vinyls!

Just to clarify for the sake of it:
The port is the hole that the cable plugs into.
You want a headphone patch cable, with a 1/8 inch stereo headphone connection on both ends.

The rest of the instructions work...


8 years ago

Hi Stephen,

I hope you're right, because I'm going to have a shot at this,-and I'm technically as thick as a brick!!

(Good luck with your AS).