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How do I covertly get my future wife's ring size? Answered

I just won the perfect engagement ring on ebay, but I know it's too small and I need to have it sized. I don't know what her finger size is. I can't find any of her old rings and I wouldn't know if it was for the right finger anyway! I want to surprize her so I don't want to ask ring questions... any ideas?


The expert sitting next to me agrees with the idea that its the thought that counts - give it to her ( I probably wouldn't say I won it on Ebay) and apologise when you find it won't quite fit. Then she can come and get it modified with you.

Thats what I did with my wife - but I got the rough size first... turns out it only took 2 sizes down (she has TINY fingers)

Nope, never edited the question- if I had a ring the solution would be obvious! The picture and hand mold would not take depth into account. Since the ring is an an antique art decco piece from the late 30's I didn't want to mess it up guessing. I proposed and presented it as is. She didn't even notice it was too small. Of course she said yes and slipped it on as far as it would go (just past the first knuckle) and said it was absolutely perfect. Thank you all!

sneak into her jewelery drawer and find a ring and measure it.

then use...http://www.onlineconversion.com/ring_size.htm to convert it to a ring size.

...or chop her finger off and take it to a jeweler with your ring - tell them to size the ring to the finger.

...or ask one of her girlfriends - this is risky however, because they will spill the beans.

That would work, except for the fact that firehazrd even said "I can't find any of her old rings."

I don't think it initially said that == I think question was edited.

Take a picture of her hand next to yours, and then measure your hand in conjuction with hers... Then show the jeweler for conformation


9 years ago

yeah frollard got it right go to her julery make sure you pick the right ring possibly one she wears on the idex or better ring finger on the other hand and put a peice of string inside cut it very presicely and measure that give the lenght to the jeweler and get them to convert diamiter lenth to diameter or do it your self. or snatch one she isnt going to notice is missing and bring that. ps she really isnt going to care if its not perfect man. good luck and congrats

I agree with NobodyinParticular. Find some excuse to make a mold of her hand.

Try making a plaster cast with your hand and her hand side by side.