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How do I crate apps/programs? Answered

Hi I don't know how to program at all. Can anyone help me with this?



5 years ago

First step is learning how to spell English.

What kind of App are you looking to make? Are you just turning an existing website into an app? or are you looking at doing something like wishing all of your facebook friends a happy rainy Tuesday?

Thanks for the info guys but I have another ? What are programming lanuges?

Programming languages are how we can communicate with our computers. They are a (more) readable representation of the machine code (1's and 0's) used by computers. There are "low level" and "high level" languages. Generally speaking, the lower the programming level the more it looks and feels like machine code, and the less abstract it is. For a beginner programmer I would recommend Python as a good high level language to start out with, even though i've never used it myself.

As per FS, but bear in mind, programming on say Android tricky enough for a pro. Start with something from CodeAcademy, like their Python class.

Thanks but I was thinking about creating an app for the iPod not an andriod device, because that is what I have.

Choose a platform for which you want to create programs, then choose a programming language which is compatible with that platform. There are many books and online resources to help with learning specific languages as well as online resources by theme (such as www.gamedev.net). Good luck!