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How do I start a web page to sell a product and promote the product?do you think long steam hand made roses would sell? Answered


You can try Google sites


They will host your page and you will have a easy to use site builder for free. At least it will allow you to experiment to see what you can produce.

Getting people to look? - That depends on the content and your ability to promote the site.

What sort of website are you planning?
Database, Blog, Company? Have a look at the Microsoft virtual academy, they have tons of courses available for free online. I have personally just started the Css and Html for beginner's module, Bonus is you will receive a certificate of completion from Microsoft team. if this is your first attempt at creating a website I strongly suggest working with templates for now. when you feel the need to expand have a gander at what MVA has. Google adwords have a promotion to help get you started with advertising your webpage. (join the adwords community google and Microsoft have become very proactive. I have some experience with free hosted websites I will gladly point you in the right direction. Facebook,Twitter,google+ good start for free marketing.

Go to one of the many web site hosting companies to register your site name. Some of them offer great easy to use systems for designing and implementing your web page.

If you want a lot of web traffic then put up good content. Once your page is full of good content then start advertising to get the views. Just don't go around spamming forums or other sites trying to advertise your page.