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How do I create a curved cone shape in Google SketchUp? Answered

 Just as the question is. I need to create a cone in Google SU, which I can do. But then I want to make the cone bend slightly. Is there any easy way to do this? And, can I make the cone hollow?


Have you tried the "follow me" tool ? 

 Yes. But, the goal I'm trying to accomplish (forgive me for being initially vague) is a cone with a single bend, NOT an outward flare like the Follow Me tool gives. 

Think banana. ;)

Really I'd say picasa is too simple to make a complex shape "more complex than a conical extension"

 No worries, I got it! Kinda, the edges are a bit straight, but for my purpose (designing a project enclosure), they'll do perfectly. The trick is using the "Skin.rb" Ruby plugin script. (Google if interested). I simply create my "skeleton" of varying-size rings and skin them together one by one. Slightly tedious, no doubt, but it works!

WOW... Brainfart.  Picasa = Sketchup.  Blargh.