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How do I create a speckled design on a garment with permanent ink, or dye? Answered

I have a garment that is spotted with mildew stains. Cannot remove them, and was wondering how I would create a speckled look to hide the fact that they are there



Best Answer 6 years ago

Get a bottle of liquid fabric dye and dip an old toothbrush in it. Shake off the excess and use a stick or popsicle stick to rake across the bristles and splatter the dye on the garment. Let it dry and then rinse the fabric per the instructions on the bottle of dye.

Thanks Burf, I appreciate that!

Thanks canucksgirl, I appreciate your answer, but I have already taken it to a dry cleaner and they let it soak for 3 days in a chemical bath, and the stains did not come out, so I am pretty sure they are there to stay.

My son tossed a damp shirt in the laundry one hot summer day and had that same issue happen. I tried bleach and a number of other things to get it out, and finally found Tilex Mildew Remover (intended for bathroom cleaning), not only took the stain out, but whitened the shirt altogether. So if you're open to it, buy some of the Tilex (it has to be the Mildew Remover), and soak the garment with say a cup of it and some warm water. Let sit for a few hours then rinse well, re-wash and dry and it'll be as good as new. :)