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[SOLVED] How do I crimp RS Banana Plugs Answered

I bought a set of Radio Shack Crimp-On Banana Plugs, but can't figure out how they crimp... they seem to be pretty thick brass... has anyone used these? if so, how do I crimp them?


never mind. I have a cheap crimping tool, it just looked like the metal was too thick to crimp. In the slot closest to the fulcrum, the brass bent like butter.

I don't have a crimping tool nor do I plan to buy one. Just have a pair of pliers. Should be good enough. Not sure where the "fulcrum" is. Where one poster pointed to in his photo?

I have the same problem. I just squeezed in some 18 guage wire into the hollow cylinder at the back of the connector - it works, but I'm sure this isn't an ideal connection as there's no gas-tight seal. So I just need to crimp with a cheap crimper at the fulcrum? I'm not sure where the fulcrum would be - I'm assuming here (pls. see attached pic)...Thanks!


Oh yes, I forgot about that. Been way too long since I used those puppies. Sorry for my lapse of memory there :-)

I remember long long ago having the same "thoughts / problem" with that particular plug as you mention, and it all came flooding back when you posted the comment. You are welcome, for whatever it was I did :-)