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How do I cut shapes from square tubing? Answered

Does anyone know any techniques I can use to cut out shapes from square steel tubing? The only tools I have is a drill and a hand saw. I actually have a handheld jigsaw but I need to buy a new battery for it because the last one broke. The illustration below shows how I need to cut it.... Oh ya..the tube is about 1 and 1/2" Thanks in advance.


You mean a receiver for a Sten? Drill holes around the perimeter, then clean up with a file. If the drill will handle it, use a large drill to rough out the center, then smaller bits to clear some of the corners. Make sure you center punch the holes so that the bit doesn't wander, and the edges of the holes can overlap more.

drilling pattern.jpeg

Yes, I realize that the tools don't include a file, but that is the best answer. If you use just the blade of the hacksaw (wrap the rest with something for comfort) the end inch or two can be used as a narrow file/short saw. A very careful grinding or cutting job (on a bi-metalic blade-the back is much softer than the teeth) could reduce how thick the saw blade is so that you could use a smaller drill to start the hole. It's a good use for the end inch or so on an otherwise used up or broken blade.

reduced saw blade.jpeg