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How do I design a unique Lego? Answered

There is one unique Lego that I cannot find anywhere, unless I purchase one of the five or so kits that it comes with. It is the same length and width as a 2x4 Lego plate, but has the height of two plates stacked up. The edges and top are semi rounded to take the shape of a sandbag. Other than it being rounded, there are only two main details that set it apart. There is a hole in the center of the block approximately 3 millimeters in diameter, and there are only two pegs on the top of the plate. I have been attempting to recreate this block, but I am having troubles with rounding the block and making it hollow. So all this to say: Is there anyone up to the challenge of designing a Lego?


Do you want someone to do the 3D design so you can print it?

To be honest that would be great, but I will still try to design my own. I would like to get better with designing 3D models, but I think this particular block might be too difficult for me to start off with.

3d print or try lego digital designer to see if it has that block there. If it has, you can make a project with just that block (or more if you want) and order it.

123D print

To get it right I would need one to make my own measurements inside and out however I can design one in 123D print.


Take one flat plate of the desired size, add two 1×1 stud plates, one at each end, then mould Sugru around them. When it is cured, paint as desired.

(BTW, that isn't actually a Lego brick. I think it's a Megablocks brick.)


Loads of ways that you can replicate this !!!

1.) 3d Scan! If you have a kinect lying around, you can turn it into a 3d scanner, then 3d print one. I dont have a 3d printer myself, but i know that definatly in the uk you can go and send a 3d cad file off to be printed (its quite cheap).

2.) Try the lego brick selector - https://service.lego.com/en-gb/replacementparts#Ba... you may have to change your country

3.) Often in the sets online they contain a parts list - find your model online and check up the parts list and see if you can find it.

4.) Take it to the lego shop and ask them if you can have another one for a price - they may have a spares kit just in case something falls out, so you may be lucky.

Hope it helps!!!!!!!