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How do I determine the scan matrix of my piano keyboard? Answered


I am trying to convert my old shitty keyboard into a midi controller by following the instructable by Evan Kale;


but when connecting two wires of the ribbon to my multimeter, which is set to continuity mode (as seen at 1:30 of the video in link above), there is no response from the multimeter when pressing the keys in order to determine the scan matrix.

Am I doing something wrong?
Please help!!!



3 years ago

I have been trying for a long time and have tested every two combinations of wires with every key and still nothing. I even bought another keyboard to pull apart incase the first's ribbon was somehow faulty and I'm not getting anything from this one either. The multimeter seems to be working fine too as it will beep when I connect the two probes or clips to anything else conductive.
Could the keyboards I'm using be configured differently to normal so that the circuit is not being completed when the button is pressed or something?

Some cheap meters may not beep since there may be some resistance in the line. So look at the numbers and compare the resistance. If the values are vary low then you have a match.

Make sure you are not measuring 2 contacts from the same grid. Each keyboard is different. So you'll need to play around with which wires you need to test from so you can work out the matrix. Keep in mind your keyboard may not be arranged in a 6x11 matrix like the one in the instructable. Just gotta keep testing every combination of wires there is till you get it worked out. it will take some time.