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How do I eat avocados? Answered

 I have an enormous avocado tree in my backyard. One day I suddenly decided to pick them all off. Now they are all turning brown and going bad. Any good ways to eat them? And fast. 

P.S. If there is any way to include them in a Thanksgiving meal, please tell me!




Best Answer 8 years ago

Slice them out of the skin.  Put some lime juice on them.

Eat the as is.
Eat in a salad.
Add to tacos.
Eat in a veggie sandwich.
Add to hot soup just after putting in the bowl..
Make a big ole tub of Guacamole and eat with chips while you watch a movie.

Take a look over on the right under the col. "RELATED" for more ideas.

Sometimes I have to pay $3 for a good Avocado!



i've tried all of your suggestions and they have all been successful!


Erm...I just re-read your suggestion...Add to hot soup?  what kind?

Tortilla soup. Pozole. Menudo. Chili.

Mmm..Chili sounds like a good choice even if I don't think of it as soup.... I've never heard of the others (though Pozole sounds vaguely familiar). I guess I was thinking too NE and too little SW.


I've been reminded that you can freeze avacado.  It will loose some of what little texture it has but it works.   Especially if you make guacamole and freeze it in freezer zip lock bags.

 wait.... do you eat it frozen or do you melt it?
but good idea anyhow

huh! I didn't know that, and it's a good tip to know.  thanks!


8 years ago

Slice in half and remove the pit. Squirt with a liberal dose of Sriracha. Scoop out with a spoon and eat. Avocado also makes bitchin' ice cream.

If the avocado is just right, all I need is a sprinkle of sea salt and a spoon... *drool*

Ripe avocados will be firm, yet give gently to pressure (only a little more squish than a tomato).  If it feels like soup, it's bad.

To cut an avocado, slice it in half lengthwise.  Twist the halves apart, and use a large spoon to pop out the pit.  With the spoon, scoop the meat away from the skin.

Avocados are incredible, and you are blessed to have them growing in your backyard.  Here in PA, they are expensive enough to prevent me from buying them nearly as often as I'd like.  They have such a fresh flavor, and can be used in anything that requires a smooth, creamy texture and flavor.  Among many other uses, I find they work beautifully as a healthy replacement for mayonnaise; tuna salad will never be the same when you try it yourself.

 Next time, don't remove the "bellybutton" until you know you will eat that avocado in 3 days time.

Eat plain, with savoury biscuits, make guacamole, salted or on nachos. You could also make smoothies or soup with it.

Ok...looks like I just discovered another tip...Are you saying that removing the "bellybutton" forces it to ripen?

crud, all this avacado talk...makes me want to eat a few....<sighs> I guess I'll go outside and pick some acorns off the ground...yummy (yech)

I suppose you guys have orange trees too...

Used to, then we moved and now the only citrus we have is a lemon tree.

Avocados are great to grow and are a much cheaper option than buying them. Ours were never successful, sadly.

i had a nice chicken sandwich with avacado today

yep we went to this stupid diner were u order at kiosks ??? whose idea was that?

All of the other suggestions, plus:

Scoop the flesh from 3 avocados into a blender. Toss in 3-4 bananas and 1/2 cup milk. Blend until smooth. Eat immediately (it will taste like pudding) or freeze and eat like ice cream.

Yeah, I know... sounds nasty. But it tastes really good, and there's only so much guacamole you can eat.

Guacamole! Make an epic batch, it freezes well and is AWESOME with nachos. :D

Or just eat them with mayonnaise and ground black pepper.

My favourite destoning trick is to slice around it long ways, twist to get two halves. Then cradle the half with the stone in one hand, hit the stone with a big knife then twist and it comes right out, no digging around with a spoon required!

 you could cut it in half and pit it then top it with taco fixins' like taco seasoned  ground beef, lettuce,tomato, sour cream, salsa, or whatever .Use the rind as a bowl and melt cheese on top( think of it like a baked potato).Then just eat it with a fork. This would make cute addition for thanks giving

1.cut avacado
2. scoop out some 'green stuff"
3. swallow
4. Profit!!

Slice the avacado as shown in your picture.

Stick the seed with a fork and twist it to remove it from whichever side it sticks to.

Salt each half.

eat with a spoon, using each half as a "bowl"

that's my favorite way to eat them.