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How do I embed a 7" usb monitor in acrylic? Answered

I'm looking to perform a case mod wherein I install a 7" USB monitor into a clear acrylic case. I plan to paint the inside of the case as well, but that's a different matter. The case in question has a decently sized area (allowing for at least 7" in width) directly below the main audio and USB ports in the front. (The left side of the front; the right side has three vertically-stacked 3.5" bays.)

I am wondering what is the best way to go about cutting the hole in the acrylic and mounting the monitor to the front. I would prefer that only the front half of the bezel show above the case. I would be painting the bezel and the rim of the cut in the enamel prior to mounting, if that makes any difference at all.

Let me know if I'm not making any sense. Thanks!


in general Acrylic can be cut with normal wood working tools. Saws, drills, Dremmel etc.

I would mark off what I wanted to cut away with masking tape to protect the acrylic surface and cut inside the line then file with care to the correct size.

The edges can be smoothed the file and sand paper and then polished when smooth with metal polish and a dremmel
Go slow to avoid cracking the acrylic and try to support from the back with a bit of scrap wood when drilling or sawing.

Great! Now, how would I actually mount the screen in this opening? I only want the outer half of the screen's case to be visible. Should I cut the hole just a tad larger than the monitor's case, set the monitor in the middle, and then fill the gap with a hardening putty, epoxy, hot glue, or something similar?