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How do I enable shell user theme extension in gnome 3? Answered

I am new to ubuntu and am using gnome 3 for my desktop in ubuntu 11.10.  I can change the theme and window theme in advanced settings (a.k.a. gnome tweak) but next to the drop down menu to select the shell theme there is an icon with an exclamation point.  When you mouse over it, it says "shell user theme extension not enabled"  How do I fix this so I can change the shell theme?  Like I said before i can change the window, gtk, and icon themes.
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5 years ago

I've just wanted to ask a small Question :
How do i get that launcher in the bottom of the image???
Could anyone give me a code ot something might Help ?

I assume you are using Ubuntu? If you are, it is Docky, which you can install from Ubuntu Software Center:)


My guess is that you have to "install" it first.

Thanks! that works, so does the tutorial mentioned in jsteiger's comment. And I knew I had to install it some how..... I just didn't know how:)

Here you go my friend, I did a tutorial on that complete with video. http://joesteiger.com/2011/11/14/install-gnome-shell-themes-with-the-user-theme-extension-and-gnome-tweak-tool-ubuntu-11-10/

If you have questions, email me at joe (at) joesteiger (dot) com

Thanks so much! It finally worked! You should post an instructable on that.