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How do I enlarge a picture to a door size from an 8x10 size How do I make a door size picture from an 8x10? Answered

I am redoing my sliding glass doors. I use Gallery Glass paint to make images on them 


Have a look at this


A Pantograph (purpose made for the door size) would also work great.
Depending on the details it might even be faster.
Apart from that I would prefer a cheap projector, these old ones for the tiny sliding images are great.
But it takes either a good printer to make a tiny pic on transparent foil or a little bit of modifications so the rojector accepts bigger images.

A very basic way to scale things is to draw a grid over the original. Copy this grid but at a larger or smaller size. then copy the drawing square by square onto the new grid.

This sounds a long process but isn't actually all that bad.

You can make a reasonable copy even if you are not artistic.

In the image i have copied the celtic know at twice the scale of the original.

Original grid 10mm copy grid 20 mm.

grid copy.jpg

I should add that you can put the grid onto an acetate sheet or tracing paper and then over the original so you don't need to draw on your original art.