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How do I express my dog's gland? Answered

She comes in stinking every day for the last few weeks. (Girl dogs need this too, right?!)?


If you should be doing it, ask your vet to teach you how. If your vet won't teach you how, you probably shouldn't be doing it...

If your dog (male or female) is healthy, the glands do not need manipulation but will express their thin liquid contents naturally when the dog defecates. The glands are located to either side of the anal opening and produce a musk somewhat like skunk musk that individually identifies the animal to others. If the dog is spending time licking it's back end and has horrid breath as a consequence, the glands may be impacted, infected or both. If impacted or infected, the contents will be gross beyond description and the glands themselves may be quite swollen and painful. This task is best undertaken by your veterinarian. If you want to DIY, then have exam gloves and lubricant handy as a digital rectal exam is needed to manually express the glands. The dog may be painful enough to bite in self defense.

Take it to a groomer. It is very cheap and worth every penny even if your groomer decides to price gouge.