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How do I figure out if this really passive guy likes me without outright asking him? Answered

I really kind of like this guy in my French class and we text most nights when neither of us are working and usually we're joking... but in real life he's so passive most of the time, and other times he's sarcastic, and it's all underlined with this antisocial facade. Except we all know he likes to be around people. He likes to hear his own voice. But these are weird things that I like. Anyways, I was wondering if anyone had any advice about how to tell if he likes me back? It's confusing, because he acts like it somedays, not so much others...




8 years ago

Rule #1. If a guy likes you you will know from his actions to try and take you out. Rule #2 If he cant ask you out or treat you like a lady, he is not mature enough to date. If you want to be sneaky, just tell him you would like to see or do X. If he offers to take you he likes you. If he says he wants to come along just wants to hang out, or if he asks if your paying for him, you are just friends. Basically, If he doesn't get the Que to ask you, or is waiting for you to ask him for an ego trip, don't bother with him, if you do date he will just be a source of continuous disappointment for you. Date someone better.

this guy sounds like he's never been very social before, and can't pick up on social cues. he might like you, but maybe he's just not ready yet. he's probably me.


9 years ago

My suggestion... just tell him that you like him. If he likes you it will give him more confidence and he'll probably end up asking you out. And he probably does like you if he talks to you all of the time and you guys joke around and stuff. My sources: Haha, I sound a lot like that guy.

  • Try using a chat program on the computer rather than texting- you can be more expressive faster.
  • Say you want to meet him somewhere for dinner, just don't call it a date.
  • Figure out what you mean by "likes you". If a guy likes you in the way that you mean, what would he almost always do? What would he almost never do? What would he do more of as he got to know you? What would he do less of? Think behavior rather than emotion (unless you happen to be a mind-reader).

Most likely he does, but can't say or do anything because of fears of failure or embarrassment. I was there, took years to grow out of it : )