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How do I find out if someone has installed a hidden camera in my place? Answered

Our neighbor upstairs is a bitter,spiteful, immature "actress" who has it in for us,and we don't know why. Our walls and the floor are thin enough that we can hear their conversations and most time she's talking about us! If only we were living in her head, we'd be living rent free! SIGH! We overhear her talking to her boyfriend about what we're doing downstairs, where we're standing, etc. and the only way she'd know is if she managed to install a camera while we weren't home somewhere in our place or drilled a hole somewhere on her floor! It's just strange that she'd know our every move! 



If it's an IR camera, Turn off all of the lights:

You'll see a faint red glow from the LED's

start wearing tinfoil hats, the reflection will prohibit any transmission from electronic devices pointed at the wearer

Seems a tad overblown to assume they've planted a camera but to me the most logical place would be looking through a window. On the window itself would be to obvious but on a tree a few feet away might go unnoticed.

That being said, the best solution probably starts with engaging them like adults. Invite them for dinner or just go up and try to strike up a conversation. Say you feel like things got off on the wrong foot and you want to set things right. DO NOT be confrontational, kill them with kindness no matter how salty they seem.

I'm really struggling to see what her having a camera in your apt does for her and what purpose telling her boyfriend where you're standing serves. Since clearly your ceiling is poorly insulated (you can apparently hear with great clarity everything she says) its most likely that she can just hear your movements (and everything you say like how much you don't like her, for example).

If you want to see if she really is watching you could do something silent but oddly specific. Hold up a sign that says that you know she's watching or just says "Hello [her name]", or just start doing really weird stuff that doesn't make a easily recognizable noise.

One final possible course of action is to use infrared light to blind the cameras. If you point a couple of IR leds at most cameras, particularly video cameras, its just like shinning a bright white light at them but it's not visible to the human eye. The problem is that you have to do the whole apartment with these lights, know where the camera is at, or just guess at some logical places it could be.

BTY, one of the reasons I suggested that they record the conversations is so they could actually hear what is being said. Often what people think they hear is not what was said. Our brains tend to fill in gaps with or own thoughts in order to try and make things coherent. It is something that a machine (computer) cannot do that sets human thinking apart from the machine world. We fill in gaps with what to us appears to be logical choices. A recording would remove that problem. if they really are talking about you then you have your evidence. On the other had if alter listening to the recording you find they were talking about the dog or a relative then reality can prevail.

This is a later thought - Paint your walls and ceilings - that should fix any small holes or cameras.


3 years ago

Record their conversations, clean them up and enhance them so they sound really good and then slip a disk of the recording in their door anonymously. Then they will think someone is bugging their place. Mind games.

And another thought -- If you are any good at editing sound recordings you could rearrange things in the recording to make them sound like they are saying things that could really get them in trouble and send them a copy of that. Now that could be really fun. Maybe a little bit on the evil side.


+1 that would be good


3 years ago

If it is one of the cheap ebay 'security' wireless pinhole camera's, you can get one of the 900MHz, 1.2GHz, 2.4GHz, or 5.8GHz transmitters for them and flip between the channels and you might find a channel. I believe they are all clones of eachother so they should use the same modulation techniques, (with the exception of fatshark FPV equipment, and possibility of a digital wireless system such as a WiFi camera). Otherwise other than searching every crook and cranny, I cant think of how you will do it. Most likely if they have bugged you, they wouldn't go though the effort to route wires every which way as that could take many minutes upwards to an hour, and likely the wire will end up passing some point you can see anyway.

Most likely they can just here where you step by ear. Do they have any reason to even care about bugging you? It would be a lot of effort if they had nothing against you.

Well, it's not the only way she could know. When I moved into a rental property after graduating college, about 2-1/2 decades ago, the upstairs floors were like drums. I knew where our upstairs neighbors were unless they weren't home, just by the thrum-thrum sound of their footsteps.

However, since you're that worried, aside from a thorough visual check like Rick suggests, it gets kinda expensive, since you'd have to electronically sweep the apartment for bugs, which means (for most of us) a costly visit by someone who has invested in the required equipment for commercial purposes, presuming that the same folk who buy that kind of stuff for surveillance also have a "sweep" service for "average Joes".

If she really has installed a camera, you're going to own her, lock, stock, and barrel. That's a very very serious crime when not performed by law enforcement under judicial guidance.

Don't discount what I said first. Rental properties (duplexes, triplexes, etc) are quite often built shoddily and have floors like the one I experienced. It's one reason that drove me to purchase a home as soon as humanly possible. I had no issues with my immediate upstairs neighbors, but the drumming sound drove me bonkers. Perhaps that's her issue...Noise?

Look for small holes in ceiling and walls.