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How do I finish beading a necklace so that the ends don't show? Answered


you will obviously have one end clasp and then all the beads. when you are ready to finish it you will put the line through the crimp bead, then through the clasp and back through the crimp bead. now feed it back through the beads and crimp the bead. you will not see the end and looks all nice and clean

A neat knot used to finish some choker style necklaces is to have the two ends of the necklace tied in a slip-knot around the working end of the other side. This way its a continuous loop, but can be adjusted to be removed.


If you (perhaps with epoxy) cement the string into one end of the bead, and cement a small magnet into the other end of the bead (Is this one thin enough?), the necklace should be closed with plenty of force.