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How do I fix a broken ps3 cd drive and video output? Answered

a couple of years ago my brother was coming home from korea and he was bringing his ps3 but the airline treated the ps3 like crap and now the cd drive won't pull the cds in and when you plug it in there is audio but no video does anyone know how to fix it?


The no video problem should be a simple fix watch this video. The disk drive will be a lot harder, you will probably have to replace the drive here is a video on how to do it.

im willing to bet that the reason that the video didn't work was because my brother had his ps3 still on hdtv the disk drive I looked at it put it back together now I can't get it to go back in to the system

almost but i need to find someone who knows how to put the cd drive motor back together

You should probobly take it to a repair shop because that's fairly hard to do.