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How do I fix an XBOX360's laser diode lens? Answered

My brother has 3 XBOX360's (don't ask me why), and he says two of his three XBOX360s are broken because the lens of the laser diode (or whatever it's called) is broken. Is there anyway to fix it without getting a new XBOX360 and try to keep it as cheap as possible.

Aslo, we do have a source of soldering and both of the XBOX's are opened up and have no casing on at this moment (but we still have the casing, just in a box in our 1st floor).


this is a video of how to fix it if you have benq or liteon. you just need to adjust it http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qiCQXMGPw6Y

This turned out to be the problem. Thanks for your answer 3 years ago, but only a month ago I found this out. I wish I could grease the motor so I wouldn't have to give too much power to the motor, but its hard to get grease into.


2 years ago

i think you can buy a replacement laser if you buy a new drive yo have to use the same board fro your old one that has a chip linked to your xbox. is the top one a slim model i like the fan on the cpu i will mod mine i want to blow air up off cpu heat rises. the diode might be replaceable. diodes cause the circuit to flow in one direction only. i am learning about this stuff. u also neet to adjust the potentiometers on the laser one is for dvds and the other for cds if you adjust it wrong you can blow the diode because theres not enough resistance in the circuit. maybe the pots are bad that would cause the diode to blow. get a multimeter and test it. i hear not to go below 3.5 k ohms? i actually not sure of the unit. what i do is marker the starting places like 12 the perm marker lets you know where you were so you can get back to that easier. the best way is with a meter on the sides with two prongs the pot looks brass usually. pot tweakers....

i forgot to say in my last post the replacement laser needs the anti static solder blob removed or it wont work. lasers lkke 5 dollars. the pots need to be adjusted use perm marker. and meter never lower than 3.5. test a working one to find a good range.

I figured it out. Over time sitting in a bot, dust created more friction for the motor. So I used a screw driver to turn that potentiometer and boom! It worked. I really want to put the potentiometer back to normal and put some lubricant to make it easier to spin, but I don't know what lubricant to use that is not electrically conductive that I can get into a thin space.

You can buy replacement drives for a few bucks.

there is NO reason for the lens every to be wrong/broken. It never touches anything.

At worse it may get dirty from dust/debris picked up in use fro your CDs if you dont keep them clean.

You can buy a cleaning CD to clean the lens this is about as far as you can go.