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How do I fix an electric lawn mower? Answered

My lawn mower works fine, but when I try to turn it on, it acts like it's not making a connection somewhere in the starter lever? Any ideas?


Black and Decker - probably 5yrs old, use a cord while running it.

Thanks for responding, B&D is a good brand manufacture.
Because I got the impression it made a trying sound start.
Try this to re-seat the brushes ;
  • Make Sure the Cord Plug is In Your View !
  • Turn the mower on it's side.
  • Take hold of the blade and rotate it in the cutting direction, three half¬†turns, jiggle it violently as you do this if you can. The idea is to get what is left of your motor brushes to make electrical contact on the armature commutator.
  • Place the mower back in cutting position.
  • Plug your cord into a good live outlet.
  • Now start the Mower !
Hope this works, If not I have other suggestions for you.



6 years ago

Is your electric mower run with a power cord ??
or do you have to be charge it before using it ??
How old is it ??
What make is it ??


Disconnect from the supply, and take a look inside the switch ? May be a loose wire.