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How do I fix my hard drive? Answered


The funny thing is, there already is a super strong magnet inside the hard drive that is used to move the read/write head along the platters. A magnet that could damage your hard drive is something you probably shouldn't have been playing with in the first place, but if it dropped on your PC just check that no wires or cables have been disconnected.

cast a +8 healing spell with a d10, make sure to equip the horns of Nimon.

What's wrong with it? Can you describe the problem?

Well, I did type in the details but I have to use my iPod because my computer broke from hard drive I want to fix and it did not show up. So anyway, here are the details: I was playing with a super strong magnet and I accidentally dropped it , and it landed in the most unlucky place... On my computer. The computer made a weird noise and turned off I turned it inn again and now it says it has no hard drive. I know the magne probably erased all it's magnetic data but how do I get it to work again

Can you download an OS to a flash drive and boot from that to see if you can access the hard drive and recover the data (if it was erased)?

It's most unlikely that the magnet actually effected the HD or the PC - BUT dropping something onto the PC may have caused trouble. If you can't reformat the HD from your recovery disk or boot disk then I think your looking at a new HD.

You do not know how strong that magnet is

.  If the case is steel, the magnetic field probably didn't harm anything inside. But, as rickharris points out, the impact could very well have caused internal damage.
.  First thing I would do is double-check all the connectors and make sure the processor didn't get knocked loose.

Well, it did not say anything about a loose processor just the hard drive

Besides running hard drive utilities like CHKDISK, FORMAT, FDISK or third party utilities there is not much that you can do to fix a hard drive. I recommend that you replace the non working hard drive with a new one.