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How do I fix my jukebox? (1976 Wurlitzer Baltic) Answered

Hello, lovely people!

I have a 1976 Wurlitzer Baltic jukebox that has started to misbehave. The needle arm lowers, then jerks slightly, coming down pretty much in the middle of the song, then at the end of the song, the arm is supposed to raise back up, and the record should be returned to the carriage, but now it's stopped doing that.

I've spoken to a couple of jukebox servicing-type-people and they've said it'd cost more than the jukebox is worth to get it properly serviced and fixed (it's not a popular model), so I turn to you guys. I'm happy to do the work myself (if possible), but I want to properly understand what's actually wrong with it before I start poking around and potentially making it worse.

Some sub-standard video of the the problem here and here, and I've included the only copy of the service manual I could find.

Before it came to me, the jukebox lived in a student union bar for many years, so I imagine it wasn't particularly well taken care of. I love this machine very much, and I hate that it's become basically unusable. Any advice or help you can give would be very gratefully received.

Many thanks in advance,